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Dear Patient:
We have the pleasure to invite you to Zenclinic, a dental practice that will completely change your experience at the dentist. With our new generation equipment and highly skilled professionals, our goal is to deliver the best personalized dental care in a warm and relaxing environment that allows us to offer our patients a unique experience.

Quality and Warranty

Highly trained specialized Professionals and modern dental techniques lead to high quality with full guarantee in all our treatments . We create a perfect environment for you and your children to have the best experience and no longer fear the dentist.
We complement modern dentistry with Zen relaxation techniques ; aromatherapy, music and meditation in a relaxing environment for a unique painless experience.

Our Services


Oral Rehabilitation

The oral rehabilitation is concerned on the recovery of the oral function through dental procedures such as:
  • Aesthetic restorations
  • Tooth whitening
  • Veeners, inlays and onlays
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Digital Smile Design


A dental implant replaces the root of a tooth. It is a surgical component that is placed surgically inside the bone to provide support to a dental prosthesis such as a crown or bridge. The dental implants go through a process called osseointegration in which the bone form a bond with the implant. The dental implant has the goal to recover the function and aesthetics of the patient’s smile.


Is the branch of dentistry that treats diseases of the gums and bone that supports teeth.
Two big groups of periodontal diseases exist: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis affects only the gums, that is to say, the soft tissue that protects teeth. On the other hand, periodontitis not only affects the gums but in addition also affects the bone that supports teeth.


Is a field of dentistry that is concerned about the pathology of the dental pulp and periradicular tissues. Consists on the elimination of the infected pulp, the conducts are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly and refilled once with an inert and biocompatible material. This treatment gives the tooth another chance to be preserved instead of the extraction.
Cirugía Oral

Oral Surgery

Is the specialty that is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases, injuries and defects of the jaws and adjacent regions.
The oral surgery treats multiple conditions that can be present in the oral cavity, from the extraction of third molars (wisdom teeth) to major surgeries.

Pediatric Dentistry

It’s a dentistry specialty that is dedicated to the dental care of children and teenagers.
The most common treatments in children are:
  • Dental hygiene
  • Prevention of caries
  • Treatment of the dental caries
  • Pulpal treatment
  • Study of dental anomalies


The orthodontics is a speciality of of dentistry that corrects the alterations in the alignment and occlusion of the teeth. The results are the improvement of the occlusion and aesthetics of the smile.

How to get to Zenclinic:

 From the East: Take Costanera Norte (Kennedy Highway) – Exit in Gerónimo de Alderete – continue in Kennedy Lateral and before reaching the street light intersecting with Gerónimo de Alderete you will find the building EK7100 and can park in the underground.
From the West : Take Costanera Norte (Kennedy Highway) – Exit in Gerónimo de Alderete – turn left at Gerónimo de Alderete – pass the Kennedy intersection – turn right on the first street (Fernando de Arguello) – turn right on Wisconsin Street – turn right on Kennedy and before reaching the street light intersecting with Gerónimo de Alderete you will find the building EK7100 and can park in the underground.

Av Kennedy 7100 office 511, Vitacura

Phone: +56 2 22200511

Email: contacto@zenclinic.cl

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